About Us

The mission of the Bridge Software Institute (BSI) is to bridge the efforts of the research community and the transportation industry by providing software, software maintenance, technical assistance and training to state DOTs and industry professionals. This is accomplished by drawing upon Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & Environment, University of Florida research projects and further refining the resulting products into a disseminable form. The upkeep, upgrading and improvements for general use are the major efforts of the institute.

In fulfilling this mission, the faculty and staff of BSI have three objectives:

  • To carry out an objective and scientifically-based program of research and development, technical assistance, and technology transfer activities leading to better tools useful for the understanding of transportation issues and problems. Overall, BSI creates innovations and improved software for use by sponsoring organizations for the ultimate benefit of the traveling public.  


  • To promote and facilitate the application and inclusion of new technology and improved practices in the transportation community at large. This is done by incorporating new research and technologies into state of the art engineering software developed by previous research. The results are disseminated by presenting and publishing research results at national and international meetings, offering seminars, and establishing displays at major technical meetings.


  • To augment and support academic and research goals by providing support for the development of both aspiring and practicing transportation professionals and by providing University faculty and students access to practical problems facing modern transportation agencies.