Annual License


1 year from date of purchase


1. Full support
2. Premium online support
3. Free program updates
4. Email update notification
5. Program operates during contract period


License Type   Price
Full Bridge w/ Dynamics   $6000
Three Piers w/ Dynamics   $3700
Single Pier w/ Dynamics   $2500
Single Pier w/o Dynamics   $1500

All prices are exempt from the State of Florida sales tax.

License Types

Stand Alone (Fixed)

  • Locked to a single machine. Can only be run on the one machine.

  • 1 Seat.

Network (Floating)

  • Can be run on any machine that has access to, and is installed in the same geographic location as the server on which the license is installed.

  • Example: 5 seats are purchased, any 5 computers in the network can run the program simultaneously.

  • Unlimited (number of seats = number of copies purchased).

Note: Copies/Seats refer to single geographic site installations or a single point of contact for support. Contact BSI for WAN (Wide Area Network) pricing.