Two-in-One Software Drive
Driven Pile Capacity and Drilled Shaft Capacity Analyses with Spatial Variability and Method Error.

Computational Method
Drilled Shaft analysis uses FHWA. Driven Piles analysis uses SPT.

Range Options
Capacity computations for both Single Piles and Shafts over Desired Ranges.

Graphical and Tabulated Output
Graph plotting includes plan-view plots of any set or subset of boring/coring locations; profile scatterplots of geotechnical site data and layerings; layer-specific plots of variograms for spatial variability characterization; profile plots of side and tip resistance; profile plots of variability; and, profile plots of estimated LRFD resistance factor. All plotted data can be exported to Excel.

Technical Support
Technical support by phone or email, included as part of license.