Annual License


1 year from date of purchase


1. Full support
2. Premium online support
3. Free program updates
4. Email update notification
5. Program operates during contract period


License Type   Price
1 year license   $750

All prices are exempt from the State of Florida sales tax.

License Types

Stand Alone (Fixed)

  • Locked to a single machine. Can only be run on the one machine.

  • 1 Seat.

Network (Floating)

  • Can be run on any machine that has access to, and is installed in the same geographic location as the server on which the license is installed.

  • Example: 5 seats are purchased, any 5 computers in the network can run the program simultaneously.

  • Unlimited (number of seats = number of copies purchased).

Note: Copies/Seats refer to single geographic site installations or a single point of contact for support.